Ages and Stages 19 to 24 months

Child Developmental Topics

19 to 24 months

Enjoying music

During this stage toddlers are likely to respond very enthusiastically to music and songs. They will enjoy moving to music, using simple musical instruments and singing songs.Music can contribute to a...

19 to 24 months

Growing up

During this time toddlers can make some decisions for themselves. Their appetite may change and they may eat less as their growth rate starts to slow. They can also learn some self-care skills now, li...

19 to 24 months

Learning how things work

At this age toddlers are becoming more skilled in using their hands and eyes together. They are interested in exploring both objects and relationships by trying out, or testing, what happens when they...

19 to 24 months

Learning how to focus for longer

By now toddlers are able to stay focused on an activity for longer.They can be so busy and active that they might need some encouragement to stop what they’re focusing on and listen.While they’re...

19 to 24 months

Needing help with emotions

During this stage toddlers will become more assertive. They’ll want to make decisions for themselves and will often resist when their parents try to get them to do things.This is part of the process...

19 to 24 months

Talking and understanding more

During this stage toddlers will understand more and more language. They will continue to understand more than they can say. They will also use ‘body language’ to get their messages across.They wil...

19 to 24 months

Watching and learning

During this period toddlers are very likely to copy what they see and hear. They are very responsive to praise and positive attention.They are able, with encouragement, to help with jobs around the ho...

19 to 24 months

Being physically active

During this stage toddlers become very active and energetic and need to ‘blow off steam’. They also need to be closely supervised to keep them safe.They are learning to run, jump, climb, walk upst...

19 to 24 months

Developing imagination

At this age pretend play will be interesting and fun for toddlers. Toddlers can try out being different people or animals. They can also act out situations they’ve experienced.Toddlers can use prete...

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